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After Colts kicker lays a big hit, Ndamukong Suh wonders if he will get fined

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In case you missed it, Indianapolis Colts kicker Pat McAfee laid this hit on return man Trindon Holliday to stop him from breaking out for a touchdown. If there is one man in the NFL that knows about big hits, it is Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh who was fined for the second time in his career this week.

Suh, was also fined and suspended for stomping on a Green Bay Packers player during the 2011 Thanksgiving game between the two teams.

Following McAfee’s big hit on Holliday, Suh took to Twitter to question whether or not he too would be fined for his hit.

Check out his Tweet below:

Suh Fine Tweet

So Suh didn’t exactly ask if McAfee would get a fine, but he was insinuating if he would get one following that hit.

After being fined this week for a questionable hit on Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, Suh may have reason to complain.

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