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Coming back from surgery, Jared Allen is bringing back his mullet

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For most of his career, Minnesota Vikings’ defensive end Jared Allen was known for his unusual haircut, the mullet. During a 2009 interview with NFLPlayers, Allen explained his love of the mullet and why he rocks the haircut in the NFL.

During the interview, Allen says “yeah I might cut it sometime…..when I die”.

While Allen is still alive, there is one other thing that could force a man to trim his mullet, his future wife.

In 2010, after telling the Vikings team blog “The things men do for love”, Allen chose to cut his mullet for his wedding.

Since then, Allen has been rocking a shorter haircut.

Now, all of that is about to change again. Today, Jared Allen Tweeted a picture of him getting a hair cut with the caption “The only way to come back from surgery is with an Amazing Mullet… Foundation has been laid”.

It looks like Allen is ready to bring back his mullet and as he says “party…with two Rs”.

Check out the picture below:

(Credit: Jared Allen's Twitter)

(Credit: Jared Allen’s Twitter)

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