Cowboys WR Dez Bryant arrested for Domestic Violence

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Reset the Arrest-Meter in the NFL. KDFW  is reporting that Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was arrested this morning in DeSoto Texas on charges of Domestic Violence. No more details are available on the incident as of yet.

Bryant confirmed to WFAA that there had been an incident, but did not want to go into detail. He said “I’m good, I’m good.”  while downplaying the situation.

This is the second time in less than a year that Bryant has been involved with the law, a few months back he was detained after a nightclub incident in Miami.

More details on the Arrest will be made available as they are released. Check back for updates.

Update: KDFW reports that Bryant assaulted a female family member and then turned himself into police custody. The woman was not hospitalized for her injuries in the Saturday scuffle. 

Update 2: NFL Network reports that Bryant grabbed his mother by the shirt and hair and started beating her with a baseball cap.


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7 Responses to Cowboys WR Dez Bryant arrested for Domestic Violence

  • That’s jacked up. i don’t believe in putting my hands on women, Bryant is all over the place and trouble, good luck Dallas your going to need it with Bryant, he’s going to give you the blues. I hope the girl is ok, and she sues his ass! big time.

  • Come on, man! He probably smacked his sister! And he was in HIS crib!
    It probably went down like this: “Pass the ketchup.” “You always hog the ketchup!” “You don’t like it GTFO!” “No” POW! “I’m calling the cops! You’re gonna pay for my ketchup forever!” “Damn.”

  • The off season bad behavior epidemic continues. Sounds like some of these guys have way too much time on their hands. Not to mention, all the trouble that surrounds those who go to Miami. Perhaps team management should gather all their players NOW (ahead of training camp opening)and make it very clear that ANY unprofessional conduct will result in ‘warming the bench’ or being sent home immediately. Too much money, too much free time and some just have no respect for laws or their teammates (which they continue to let down). Out of control players don’t deserve to play pro football. Let em go.

  • Well Dizzy Dez does it again. Jerry Jones said he made a mistake when he passed up Randy Moss so he drafts Dizzy Dez, gotta admit he hit the nail right on the head with that choice. I wonder if Dizzy paid off the millions he owed on jewelry? How come so many guys got empty air between their ears, most of them seem to be wide receivers?

  • This happens all the time with this Guys that have Bucks.They think everyone else is just horse S_ _t. The Guy is not that good.The Guy needs to get together w/ T.O. for some sound advice. I’m a Cowboy Fan !!!!!

  • Well, well, well….Dez assaulted a woman…his mother no less. This should come as no surprise to anyone from the Lufkin, Texas area (Dez’s hometown). Word is that if Dez were to get charged and receive the maximum sentence for this assault he could receive up to a year in prison. Hey…maybe he could hook up with little 22 year old bro’ Antonio Brumley who was sentenced in January to 55 years in prison for each of 3 counts for breaking into a local woman’s house then beating and raping her (multiple times). Google Lufkin Daily News and search Brumley, if you want to read the story.

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