Demaryius Thomas takes a few jabs at Tim Tebow

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Remember in the Steelers @ Broncos playoff game, the excitement stemming from Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow after that 80-yard bomb to seal the fate of the Steelers?

Apparently, that was only a one time thing; Thomas took a few stabs at Tebow yesterday appearing on a podcast hosted by the 2 live stews.  “I ain’t going to say I was sad because the only thing they remember is that pass. You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn’t getting no balls and you had to make some of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t want to talk bad about Tim, but hey I am happy we got Peyton.” said Thomas.

Although Tebow took a lot of grief from the media and fans about his passing game, he even had to hear it from other teammates “You would have people calling him out saying, ‘Tim you gotta make that throw. You gotta read the defenses better,’” Thomas said. “Players on offense trying to get him better.”

No more love for Tebow? Will they kiss and make up?

In my opinion, Tebow has one of the best work ethics in the game today, even before he was traded there were reports that as soon as the season ended for him, he took no time off and flew straight to UCLA to work on his passing skills and make himself better. But the past season for them was glorified by what was known as Tebow time.

As I have said numerous times in the past that the defense in Denver won a lot of those games for them, Thomas felt the same way saying “Everything on ESPN was all about Tim, That bothered some players too because they would say ‘Tim Tebow Time.’ I felt like it was a team thing. If it wasn’t for the defense most of the time there wouldn’t be no supposed ‘Tim Tebow Time.” 

As we all know, when Peyton Manning became available the Broncos were the first team he visited, ultimately making his decision to go there. The day after, Tebow was traded. Thomas may be happy about it, and while Manning will get him the ball, he still had some memorable moments in his career with Tebow under center.


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19 Responses to Demaryius Thomas takes a few jabs at Tim Tebow

  • Looks like Tebow wasnt as liked among the other players as the media would like you to think. Doesent souprise me Tebow is a joke as a QB its time for him to go preach at some church hes not good enough to play in the NFL

    • Looks like you need to go back to school and learn to spell. Nobody said everybody loves or likes Tebow. Just most of the world.

      • Church goers and Gator fans love tebow, football fans and players know he can”t play at an NFL level that”s a joke saying most people love Tebow

    • lol dude shut up your are a joke as a nfl fan,tebow can throw down as QB and it was his rookie year may i add

      • Dexter your just another loud mouth on these blogs. First it wasn’t tebow rookie year. Iv”e forgot more about football than you”ll ever no.If he can’t throw a football at almost 25 its time to hit the road.Even his former teamates are calling him a joke so get tebows head out of your arse

      • Deter get your head out of Tebow arse your the only joke on here. When your almost 25 and still can’t throw you do not belong in the NFL you no nothing about football

  • Does it matter why you win ? Or who is the reason why?

    If you think its a team game you should let the fans be fans. I dont recall “Tebow Time” actually comming out of Tims mouth once.

    I know you want more balls but Tebow has yet to start a full season beggining to end. Let alone be the starter going into camps.

  • Thats not a JAB its the truth!!!

    Def was allowing well over 30 PPG with Orton Tewbow takes over Def came way down to holding the other team to 13 points the KICKER should be the HERO nailing all those long FG’s

    Hell the other team should be the Hero the Bears RB doesnt run out of bounds the broncos dont get the ball back sanchez doesnt throw a pick 6 they lose that game as well so it is what it is

    He was a key part of the wins!! HE WAS ALSO A KEY PART OF THE LOSSES which the media just wont accept losing 7-3 at home in week 17 with a playoff spot on the line is insane

  • It is so sad that professional athletes are so spoiled and threatened by another player that they have to critize. Tim Tebow did not ask for any of the publicity he was receiving. The media obviously needed somebody in professional sports to get the public excited. It is so unfair for any professional athlete to complain about another player because the players who complain are not perfect and if they are not getting the PR they feel they should receive, blame their agent who is making a ton of money off of them. I thank God for Tim because he stands for something that is honest and decent. I hope the players on the Jet realize this about the media and what they are going to try to do between Tim and Mark.

    Everyone seen how the media wanted to get Tim to talk about liberal social issues and he correctly redirected them. I never heard players critize T.O. or Ocho, or Romo or Farve or Roders when they were being praised by the media. Shut up, work hard and what is for you, you will receive.

    I just hope Mr. Thomas and the Broncos do well this year. I love Payton but hope he is physically able to play and take the punishment. I hate it when that guy on ESPN talks about Tim all the time and puts him on the spot. He does more to make me angry then Tim receiving any publicity. As a parent, I thank God my son can look to Tim and not Dennis Rodman or some of the other disfunctional athletes. Give him credit on how this young man handled the media. He was a professional and never accepted credit for himself. It was always God, teammates and coaches. He will do well this year in any capacity Ryan puts him in. I would rather have him on my team then you Mr. Thomas who has shown me that you are an envious individual.

    • Uh tebow did ask for this, why else would be publish a book about himself before he ever played in the NFL. People like him and he took/is taking full advantage of that, cause if is popularity was based purely on his ability to play football it would all be gone by now.

    • I agree with this statment. Tim is a person that people love and want their children to become and if they don’t in the world of sports today they are crazy as some of these disfunctional athletes. Tim is not asking for anything in fact he gives more than anyone because it is not just me,me ,me he give glory to god and everyone else but himself, what more can anyone ask of him. He will do well because he has god on his side,and not big mouth individuals who are jealous.

    • Wesley,

      I agree with you. I was not a Tebow fan as a QB but he was a winner. Why do these professional athletes act well – so unprofessional. What ever happened to keeping it in the locker room.

      If you look at where these guys come from when they are growing up, it is an environment with poor parenting that does not supply them with any sort of rules that teach them class and dignity. And then they discover that all they have to do is play football or basketball and everyone will cheer them. It is really sad.

      If you think that I am incorrect take some time and study where they came from. The ones that come from middle class environments are statistically much less likely to behave in this manner.

  • It’s all about religion being shoved down your throat…has nothing to do with football….

  • He didn’t ask for the attention? Tebow had photographers when he got a pedicure and manicure and he posed for the pictures. You have to be kidding me.

  • Tim Tebow is the Eddie Haskell of professional sports. For those of you too young, see if you can download some clips from Leave It To Beaver. You will see what I mean.

  • Read Tebow’s book and you will have an overall picture; you are busting on him and the book and you didn’t even read it. God Bless Tim and GOD s Speed I will back him with my heart mind and soul, and money too…. GO JETS…..

  • If things do not go well in 2012 the Bronco fans will want to trade both
    Elway and Manning for Tebow.

    I am wishing him much success in N.Y.

  • Come folks, get real! If you really know anything about football, you should know that Tim Tebow’s performance last year was mediocre at best. He was 32nd in quaterback rankings and had a completion percentage of 46.5. Compare that to Drew Breeze completion percentage of 71.2. Both Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez had better completion percentages, 59.5 and 56.9 respectively. You can talk about all the intangibles you want to but performances like his is not star or hall of fame material.

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