Doctor offered free vasectomy in exchange for AFC Championship tickets

  • Luke Willis

Colorado-based medic Dr. Steve Broman is a huge Broncos fan and as a season ticket holder, had his ticket for last Sunday’s AFC Championship between the Broncos and 49ers in hand. But Broman wanted to bring his staff to the game as well, so he offered free vasectomies in exchange for tickets to the big game.

“The only people who wouldn’t have to pay me in tickets is [Patriots quarterback] Tom Brady, but I’d have to do the operation before the game.” -Dr. Steve Broman

This deal was a real steal for patients seeing that the fact that the average price of  AFC Championship tickets this year were in excess of $800 compared to the average price of a vasectomy of around $1,000.

“I had a guy who was ready to pull the trigger, but he said he only had one ticket, so I offered to only do one side. But he didn’t think that was very funny.” – Dr. Steve Broman

Broman’s beloved Broncos went on to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl by defeating the 49ers 26-16.

We’ll have to wait and see if Broman will be getting his scissors ready for another offer as his Broncos are set to take on the Seattle Seahawks February 2nd.

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