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Donte Whitner Forgoes Changing Name

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Last season, it seemed imminent that former 49ers safety Donte Whitner was destined to take a page out of Chad Johnson’s book and change his name to ‘Hitner’ to further broadcast his heavy-hitting ego.  He’s decided to forgo the process.

Whitner has made Cleveland his new home for this upcoming season, and the question on his name was brought up when he signed his new contract under Donte Whitner.  He had spoken to Chad Johnson, who was formerly known as Chad ‘Ochocinco’ on the process, and was told that it’s quite the hassle with changing legal documents when changing your name.

“All for one letter change?” said Whitner, via  “I’d rather not.”

Evidently Whitner doesn’t have the time for all of that like Johnson did.  He laughed when it was suggested that he just tell people that the ‘W’ in his name is silent.  You can always get a custom-made jersey that reads ‘Hitner’ as a name change doesn’t seem to be in the works anymore.

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