Eric Decker paid $25,000 and a steak dinner for the #87 jersey

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When he was with the Denver Broncos, Eric Decker wor the number 87 jersey.  Now that he was moved on from the Broncos and is now a member of the New York Jets, he wants to continue wearing the number.  unfortunately, the number is already occupied by Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland.


Decker immediately set about to buying the number off Cumberland.  According to Manish Mheta of the New York Daily News, it cost Decker $25,000 and a steak dinner.

It’s quite a hefty sum for a number.  But Decker did sign a huge contract worth $36.25M including $15M guaranteed.  So it’s not like he can’t afford it.

It’s not the first time that a player has payed a lot of money or had to do a service in order to obtain a jersey number when they sign for a new team.  Darrelle Revis reportedly had to pay Mark Barron $50,000 for the number 24 when he arrived in Tampa a year ago.  Former Cadrinals legend payed Kyle Arrington a years supply of diapers to get the number 24 when he signed for the Patriots.


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