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ESPN’s Chris Berman Interviews Obama and Romney

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With the election tomorrow, Chris Berman interviews President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, which aired during halftime of MNF.  Although neither candidate really said anything too political or revealing to their cause, each had interesting things to say concerning the world of sports, in particular, the NFL.

It’s well-known that Obama is a Chicago Bears fan, and re-assured us that he hasn’t changed his views on that, stating the Bears are the best team in football.

“Best defense in the league right now,” Obama said concerning the Bears.  “You saw yesterday’s game.  And [Charles] Tillman may be defensive player of the year the way he’s playing.”

Obama also commented that he’d like to see the college playoff bracket include eight teams.

Mitt Romney revealed that he is a Patriots fan during the interview.

I lived in Massachusetts now 40 years and I take full responsibility for their wins as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series,” said Romney jokingly.

When asked what concerns him about sports the most, Romney said the use of performance enhancing drugs.  He was firm in ensuring that drugs never have a place in sports.

Berman also got the beat back in 2008 when he interviewed Obama and John McCain before their election.

With the way the standings look at mid-season, it’s possible that the favorite teams of the candidates squaring off tomorrow could indeed go head to head come February for the ultimate NFL prize.


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