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Family member of Aaron Hernandez killed in car crash

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For certain members of Aaron Hernandez's family, this week got a lot harder on Sunday (Credit: Fox Sports)

For certain members of Aaron Hernandez’s family, this week got a lot harder on Sunday (Credit: Fox Sports)

It has to be hard to be a family member of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez over the last few weeks. Last week, Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder. This week, allegations have surfaced that Hernandez was involved in a double homicide from 2012. Anyone related to Hernandez must be asking themselves how a man that was a part of their family could allegedly commit murder.

For some people in Hernandez’s family, this week got even harder on Sunday.

The Hartford Courant reports that Thaddeus Singleton III, the son-in-law of Hernandez’s uncle, was killed while driving on Sunday.

According to The Hartford Courant, Singleton was killed when the car he was driving flew off the road, split a pole in half and careened into Farmington Country Club.

The car, which shot 100 feet through the air and hit the building six feet off the ground, was registered to Andres Valderrama, Hernandez’s uncle, law enforcement sources said.

Police had hoped to talk to Singleton about his association with Hernandez.

The Hartford Courant is also reporting that Singleton had previously been convicted of a number of drug related charges in Connecticut and served time in prison in the mid-1990s.

Whether or not Singleton played a role in Hernandez’s life has yet to be reported.

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