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Father of Aldon Smith says son is ‘very happy’ with sentencing

  • Marcus Burnan
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On Friday, San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith was sentenced to serve 11 Mondays as part of a Sheriff’s work detail got charges related to vehicle and weapons possession.  He was also ordered to pay $2,000 in fines and is required to do 235 hours of community service.

As part of his probation agreement, Smith is not allowed to drink or enter a liqueur store, if he fails to do this he will serve 11 days in jail.

According to his father Thurston Smith in an interview with Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, his son is very happy with the sentencing.

“I know he’s very happy with what transpired,” Thurston Smith said in an exclusive phone interview from his Kansas City-area home.

With how lenient the punishment was, I wouldn’t blame him for being happy.  This is basically a slap on the wrist.  Smith Sr hopes the lenient sentencing will help his son change his ways and slow down.

“Hopefully this will give him an opportunity to slow down. He was going so fast,” Thurston Smith said. “With his maturity level, he turns 25 in September, I pray he settles down and realizes people that love him and are in his corner, now more than ever.”

Aldon Smith is not yet in the clear.  He can still face suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell  the NFL.  He could miss the entire 2014 season especially if the NFL decide to make an example of Smith for his ther altercations, including saying he had a bomb in an airport.

However, Smith’s father, hope the NFL doesn’t punish his son too harshly.

“[Weapons convictions] being reduced felony to misdemeanor was huge, and we hope it carries much weight with what Mr. Goodell does,” Thurston Smith said. “We’re praying for four [games] or less but it’s beyond our control.”

During the 2013 season, Aldon Smith was admitted to a rehab clinic for alcohol abuse.  As a result he only played 11 games during the season, starting eight.  He still managed to record 8.5 sacks and 25 tackles.

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