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Father shoots son to death over football

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I know some of us football fanatics can go a little bit overboard at times and can’t seem to juggle the NFL and what really matters, such as friends, family, financials, ect.  This however, is absolutely pathetic.  It is completely beyond me how something like this happens over football.  It’s okay to be passionate about the sport, but in reality, it’s just a game.  Apparently this ‘father’ couldn’t distinguish the difference between what is and isn’t important.

David Carrender (c/o

David Carrender (c/o

David Carrender, a father in Morgan County, Indiana, shot his son to death last Sunday after an argument occurred over when to stop watching football.  Wyatt Carrender, David’s son, was gunned down in the family’s home in Martinsville.  He was 19 years of age. has the account of what happened:

Morgan County Sheriff Robert Downey said the Carrenders had been out watching football games at a restaurant or bar when they started fighting over whether to return home.  The son wanted to go home.  The father did not.  “The argument continued after the pair returned home, Downey said.”

“It appears the father retrieved a handgun and shot his son, it appears, six times.”

Downey said David Carrender is thought to have been drinking.

In addition, according to, the father’s girlfriend, as well as the son’s girlfriend, were with the Carrenders when the shooting occurred.  Formal charges against David Carrender in the murder of his son are expected to be filed on Tuesday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected in this terrible tragedy.

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