The Final 53: All the big name cuts

  • Marcus Burnan

It is finally here.  Preseason  is over.  Just over a week before the business end of the season starts.

But before that comes final cuts.  Teams have until 4pm on Saturday 31st August to cut their rosters from 75 players to 42.  Many hopes and dreams will be crushed over the next 24 hours.  Some players may get picked up by other teams, some may never play football again.

Here we look at the big names who were cut in the same way we did earlier this week with cuts to a 75-man roster.

Updated as of 3:59pm 30th August 2013

LB Brian Banks – Atlanta Falcons

Almost every NFL fan the world over is familiar with Brian’s story.  As a high school football player with potential, Banks was sent to prison for a rape he did not commit.  He served five years and was freed only because the “victim” was exposed as a liar.  Banks then tried to get his life back together and was signed by the Atlanta Falcons.  I don’t think I’,m the only one who’s pulling for banks to make another roster.

TE Jake Ballard/Daniel Fells – New England Patriots

After the off-season high jinx of Aaron Hernandez (arrested on several murder charges and promptly cut) and Rob Gronkowski (caught partying with Johnny Manziel before surgery his arm and back), the last thing you’d think is the Patriots would cut both of their back-up options for the position.  But they have.

QB Matt Leinart – Buffalo Bills

Signed to the roster a few days ago, Leinart’s stint in Buffalo is now over after one preseason game.  You have to wonder if Leinart will find a job in the NFL again.  The former sixth overall pick for the  Arizona Cardinals in 2006 has been shuffled around the league in various back-up roles since being cut from the team who drafted him.

OT J’Marcus Webb – Chicago Bears
 Photo:Jeff Hanisch / US PRESSWIRE

Photo:Jeff Hanisch / US PRESSWIRE

J’Marcus Webb was the man in the center of “Cutlergate” last season when Chicago Bears quarter back Jay Cutler famously lashed out at Webb for getting him sacked repeatedly during a games with the Green Bay Packers.  Webb was a seventh round pick from a small college, so it was probably too much to expect him to be a standout left tackle.  Bears fans however won’t miss Webb.

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