Former Colts RB pulls hilarious prank with Peyton Manning’s phone

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Dominic Rhodes once pulled a hilarious prank on Peyton Manning as revenge. (Photo via USAToday Sports)

Dominic Rhodes once pulled a hilarious prank on Peyton Manning as revenge. (Photo via USAToday Sports)

Most people that watch football know how intricate and professional Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is. He’s a model quarterback that every coach wants on their roster – a guy that perfects any and everything he can on the field and his results are well known.

Manning though, is one of the NFL’s biggest pranksters as well. Some of his pranks have been well documented, such as billing Eric Decker $3,000 for Manning’s appearance at offseason workouts, or even having Orlando Franklin smashed in the face during a live interview just to name a few.

One of Manning’s favorite pranks though, is when a teammate leaves a cell phone sitting out. He’ll get into the phone and change the language to Chinese or Spanish.

That happened to former Colts running back Dominic Rhodes, who immediately got revenge  by sending out several texts from Manning’s phone, making it appear the quarterback was ready to announce his sexuality.

Rhodes appeared on 97.5 The Zone in Salt Lake City and told the Jake and Tony show how it all went down.

“We were in the locker room, and he had done something to me. He changed my cell phone to Spanish or French or something, and I could not get on my phone.” Said Rhodes.

“I couldn’t do anything you know, so I’m like ‘Awww man!’, and I didn’t know he had done it, but I looked over to him and seen him smirking about it so I’m like ‘ Okay, I got this.’ So I got on his phone and I try to hide it from him, I could see him looking around and we were about to go out so he had to get ready and didn’t have full attention to getting his phone. So I put in his phone before we get ready to go out to practice that he just wanted to tell everybody that he was gonna come out, and ready to be official with it, that he was ready to let people know that he goes both ways.” Rhodes said.

“The people on his phone were hitting him back, it was crazy man. That was just some of the stuff we did, I mean I seen him put the Icy-Hot in people’s underwear, you know.” Said Rhodes of the back and forth pranks.

Rhodes shared another story about how Manning had him hyped up for breaking the rookie rushing record in 2001.

“He set me up so nice, telling me they were going to stop the game for me and give me the game ball. The whole week he had me going, trainers and everything. Maaan, come game time I break the record against the Denver Broncos, I look around like ‘ Oh we’re gonna stop the game.’ I’m totally in relax mode, and he’s like ‘Dom what are you doing? C’mon man!’ We was all in the middle of the game. That’s been his running joke forever about me. “

Tony Parks, a Co-Host on the show followed up with “So he has like the straightest face ever then?”

Rhodes continues “Yeah, I’m into it! Alright man, this is a big deal! I just broke the record and they’re gonna give the ball – and man. It was a big fail!” 

The jokes continued throughout Rhodes’ career and Manning is still the joker he was in Indianapolis.

As far as the big game goes, Rhodes wants both teams to win as he has good friends on both sides of the ball. Rhodes also says that he is going to try to get back in the league in the offseason as he feels he isn’t done playing yet.


The interview was top-notch and full of energy from the beginning. The entire thing is definitely worth a listen.


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