Former Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell reportedly headed to FCS school

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Isiah Crowell on his High School team in 2010 (Credit:

Less than a weak after the dismissal from the Georgia football program due to a pair of felony charges, it appears the highly-talented but troublesome running back, Isiah Crowell  has found a new collegiate home.

According to, Crowell will be transferring to Alabama State, a FCS-level program located in Montgomery, Alabama. The website reported that Crowell would be enrolling at the school Wednesday, although, when contacted by CFT, an ASU athletic official refused to confirm or deny the development.

Because Alabama State is an FCS school, Crowell will be eligible to play during the 2012 season, instead of sitting out the required year if he transferred to another FBS school.

According to, “Crowell was arrested very early last Friday morning and charged with carrying a weapon in a school zone, having an altered ID mark and charge of possessing/carrying a concealed weapon.  The first two charges are felonies, the latter a misdemeanor.  School policy called for an immediate suspension, although head coach Mark Richt trumped that directive several hours later by dismissing the back”.

Crowell was named SEC Freshman of the Year after leading the Bulldogs in rushing last season. However, he was also suspended twice during the season for various off-field issues.

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24 Responses to Former Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell reportedly headed to FCS school

  • id say good luck i liked him when he did play his first year at uga he looked like he had potential but anymore hes just a liability so good luck alabama state you may get a good running back or your just setting youself up for more trouble

    • With youth comes error in judgement. this is especially true if you all of a sudden have acclaim due to talents and begin to believe you do no wrong. Hopefully, he will learn and even become a role model for turning your life around when given opportunity to do so.

      • Or he’s just a ghetto thug who’ll wind up in state prison for 2nd degree murder, we’ll see huh?

        • Kids make mistakes. Even stupid ones. Why is he a thug cause he’s black, you dont even know him. By your post we know you didnt make it to college.

        • @Jamesb, Na’ll we will not see. I was always told if you do not have anything positive to say do not say anything at all. I understand the man may have had some off the field issues but to make comments such as those are ignorant. If anything reach out to the young man to provide mentorship and encouragement instead of negative comments.

        • Yeah really, James. Why say stuff like that? You’re speaking ill of plenty of the good black and African-American people who make this country great. That deserves a c’mon man.

        • was he a ghetto thug when Georgia spent thousands to get him to UGA. Kid just made a bad call and with a bad call comes consequences he will deal with. hopefully, it will not hurt but help him. Every black man is not a thug or is from the ghetto where ever that is

        • Come on man! That’s what’s wrong with us as a society now. We are so quick to condemn someone. Let try getting to the root of the problem to see why this guy is continuously lashing out as he does. If I were the coach, I would print down these post, making him aware of what is stacked against him already. I would have a zero tolerance policy for all in my program. He will be orientated as well as my other players as to how to conduct themselves on and off the field. This is where a lot of athletic programs go wrong. They must teach athletes the proper ettiquette as well a the playbook. If any coach is reading this, I would be more than happy to join your program as a consultant or a permanent fixture to help programs avoid black eyes like this.

  • I would say this might just be a youthful mistake, but carrying a gun is not a mistake a lot of kids make. I could understand a drug possession or something alcohol or fighting related but I do not know many college students who carry guns.

    However, every one deserves a second chance. Cam Newton got in trouble for stealing a laptop. If he does not get a second chance, he’s not in the NFL and Auburn does not win a National Championship.

    Hopefully he has learned from his mistake.

    • I agree- not a mistake a lot of kids make- especially considering the serial number had been altered… #thug

    • they just don’t tell you they have a gun. Who is the NRA members? Mostly rural white men and women. The deal with Cam is that Urban did not want to play a Black QB at florida the guy was beating tebow out and then came the laptop deal a total fabrication of the events that took place

  • i just dont get it with young people today – they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but so is GOD given talent which he has. i hope he gets his head out of the clouds and make something out of himself and hope he does not wind up as another young man gone wrong

  • lets see weapon charges and previous woes at school. this is beyond 2nd chance.u or i would still be in lockup,facing prison time.but instead he gets to go play ball elsewere. probably on a scholarship mmmm.

  • @Brett, there’s plenty of collegiate athletes and also college students carrying concealed guns. Just because you may not hear about it, doesn’t mean that it’s untrue, I know 1st hand as I too was once played ball in school. I’m not in no way justifying what Isaiah’s done, but most of the guys I knew carried their weapons as a means of protection, to prevent themselves from being a target of robbery.

  • @Hermann,

    I would agree to an extent. I was just thinking about the players that get arrested for fighting or drinking or drugs and rarely do they also have guns on them as well. I mean, if he wanted to carry he a gun he could have got a permit and carried it around (I believe. Not 100% sure of the laws in GA).

  • To Jamesb n Jen Carter, so u label him a thug without even knowing him or his situation. Its easy to sit around n judge people without knowing were he come from or the environment he grew up in. IGNORANCE!!! so you never made an immature decision in your life or are you jus the perfect person. he’s a youmg man who made a mistake, let’s just hope he learn from it and move on and be a better person and citizen.

    • It’s not ignorance. Ignorance means that you are making decisions while being ill-informed. I know enough about this guy already to call him a thug. A THUG is not a repeat offender of a certain violation. It only takes one offense to be given a bad name.

      Ask yourself these questions…
      1. Would you employ this person at your place of business?
      2. Would you let this man date your daughter?
      3. Would you let this person babysit your kids?

      There are certain people that make bad mistakes, but this goes beyond a bad mistake. It was intentionally bad decision… not a mistake.

  • Dude,

    I’m glad some one has cracked open the shut door you slammed and jammed. If you have any sense, stay out of trouble! You are a reflection of your parents whom I’m sure have worked hard to get you to college. Reflect back to all the fussing for lessons like this. Don’t think you are a hard @$$, know you are smarter than a dumb @ss felon. Your criminal record follows you until you die. Why set yourself up for having to keep explaining your “youthful indiscretions”. Stay out of trouble, if not you are making it easier for other races to stereotype you. They don’t expect much out of young people, young afro american people, young afro american males. Wake up, straighten up and do right. Don’t blow your opportunities, they are priviledged and hard to come by. Stay focused and stay prayed up young man.

    a mother, blue in the face with fussing at you “tough guys”.

  • Those are very serious charges. If he didn’t he should have known better. He got into trouble a couple of times last year too in addition to being injured. I followed him and I thought he would be the next Barry Sanders. Too bad his judgements of F- don’t match his a+ skills but it happens quite a bit in college.

  • As the saying goes, “you can take the man out of the hood but, you can’t take the hood out of the man”. Crowell will screw up again because he just can’t help himself. Bottomline.

  • Best of luck to him. He probably thought he cleaned up enought to play 2 more seasons and head to the NFL. Some bad luck getting your car searched. When people you know are getting shot, a gun can give you security…just don’t have one without a permit and a serial number. This story is the last limelight he’ll get until he enters the draft…if he works hard that is.

  • donot play the race card! ignorance and studipidy are the only words to use when you carry a loaded gun on a college campus, or any other place! growup and assume responsibility for your actions!!!

  • Some of you act like this is the first time crowell has been in trouble? get real and quit protecting this guy ! he wasn’t a freshmen, he’s been at this dance before, he knew exactly what the teams policies were. he chose not to give a damn and have it his way ! it wasn’t about being young and stupid. well maybe stupid ! now he want have a high profile college team like Georgia to show off his talents. has alabama state ever been on T.V.? The only positive thing that came out of this is that the two ace running backs out of the carolina’s have a chance to step up and be Ga.’s tailback, good luck to’em . hope you get your act together Isaiah.

  • The age of is photo?

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