Former NFL receiver Reche Caldwell arrested for allegedly selling Ecstasy

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(USA Today Sports Images)

(USA Today Sports Images)

It’s always sad to see former players from the NFL turn to a life of crime when their playing days are over.  It’s even sadder when the player is arrested not once, but twice for illegal activities.

Donald ‘Reche’ Caldwell was originally arrested five months ago for allegedly running an illegal gambling ring.  He’s now been arrested again for allegedly selling the party drug Ecstasy.

The current arrest was made in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday and he was released on Wednesday after posting a $3,999 bond.  Jail records say that Caldwell was in possession of Ecstasy and intended to sell them.

Caldwell was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft.  He went to the University of Florida.  Caldwell was then part of the New England Patriots, Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams.  He hasn’t played since 2007.

Reche Caldwell had 152 receptions for 1,851 yards and 11 touchdowns during his six-year NFL career.

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Andre Caldwell, is his younger brother.  Andre Caldwell was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2008 before signing a two-year deal with the Broncos this year.

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