Giants Allow Fans To Pose Wearing Super Bowl Rings

I think by now everyone in the modern world is familiar with the thousands of apps available on smart phones for our every day entertainment. The New York Giants GoldRun App now allows their legions of fans to pose with a virtual Super Bowl Ring or the Lombardi Trophy and form it to a picture, giving the appearance that the hardware is actually in their possession.

I have to say that’s pretty cool, being made to feel a part of the team. Fans are what make the game go ’round, and we’re seeing the league be increasingly more aware of that fact. Giants Vice President Michael Stevens spoke about that aspect concerning the GoldRun App:

“Giants fans are the best fans in the world and a tremendous part of our success. We’re always striving to become pioneers in social media and to find new and interesting ways to engage our fans. What a cool way of allowing all Big Blue fans — whether they’re local or abroad — to experience this special moment.”

 Source: CBS Sports


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