Giants Coach shows signs of anger towards Patriots

  • Jim Racalto

Tom Coughlin apparently isn’t too happy with the Patriots recent move of claiming tight end Jake Ballard. USA Today  quoted Coughlin stating his anger.

“Discourage is a minor description,” he said. “Very disappointing.”

Bellichick also expressed his feelings, and also helped Coughlin understand the rules of the wavier wire.

 Look, anytime you put a player on waivers, you know there’s 31 teams that can take him. We all know that, there’s no secrets about that.”

This is just the way of the league. Bellichick and the Patriots front office saw an appealing opportunity take place, and they pursued it. While the Giants took a risk that took a turn for the worst. Ballard isn’t expected to be ready for this season after his injury in the Super Bowl, but he should be ready to go the year after.

The Patriots are very deep at the tight end position right now. I’m not sure if the Patriots really wanted Ballard, or this was just a shot to get back at the Giants for beating them in the Super Bowl yet again.


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