Golden Tate Goes Beast Mode On Sean Lee

This is yet another opportunity to call out the replacement refs as they missed a huge illegal block delivered to Sean Lee from Golden Tate, one of Seattle’s many hopeful playmakers.

This week Seattle’s entire team can take on the title ‘Beast Mode’ as they smash a Cowboys team who looked great in their opener against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Their success would not carry over as they were beat in every phase of the game Sunday. Russel Wilson has an impressive 112.7 passer rating, completing 15 of 20 with 1 touchdown. He showed great poise in the pocket, kept upright, and made some good decisions. Marshawn Lynch broke over a hundred yards rushing with a touchdown of his own, and 6 different receivers jumped into the mix with 151 team reception yards. Seattle’s special teams even got 6 in this game. Seattle executed a complete game against an inconsistent Dallas Cowboys team.

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