Video: Greg Little makes an amazing juggling catch

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With his team down 7-0 early in the second quarter, Brandon Weeden was able to connect with Greg Little for a nine yard touchdown. While the touchdown tied the game at seven, the catch itself was the most impressive part of this play. Not only was Little able to tip the ball to himself but then he was able to catch the ball AND come down in bounds. One of the best catches of week seven and possibly the NFL season. Check out the video below:

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3 Responses to Rock Solid: Top 5 fantasy defenses and special teams for week 2

  • payton is off the hook. SUPER BOWL? great quaterback.

  • payton, great quaterback, SUPERBOWL? YEA!

  • Brick-hand Sanders from the Steelers? Is Manning a receivers coach now? Manning was on his game. Weren’t the Chargers without their starting corners? Still played great. Broncos defense stuffing the Chargers running game was impressive. That 30 yarder floated in there nice. Is it me or does Peyton’s passes look like a 30 yard bomb? That crap won’t work in the playoffs when Ravens defenders are used to practicing against Flacco who throws 70-yarders.

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