“Honey Badger” says he can hang with Megatron

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Tuesday at the NFL scouting combine, former LSU cornerback Tyrann “The Honey Badger” Mathieu surprised scouts by running a solid 4.50 40 yard dash after disappointing on the bench press Monday. Along with his good numbers and solid footwork, he also showed that he isn’t lacking in the confidence department. He even had a few words about just HOW good he thinks he can be in the NFL despite his off the field concerns.

In an interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, Sanders asked Mathieu about league higher-ups questioning whether or not he was big enough to play at the cornerback position at an elite level. His response was somewhat surprising, as he name dropped one of the best wide receivers in the league without hesitation.

“I feel like if I was to check somebody like a Calvin Johnson, he’ll make his plays, but I’m definitely going to get mine, too,” Mathieu said. “He’s going to catch his five balls, but I’m going to get my two turnovers, so we’ll be even.”

For a man who hasn’t played organized football in over a year, that’s a pretty strong thing to say. He didn’t say it in a rude way, and even sang the elite wideout’s praises afterwards on twitter.




Confidence is a very good thing, especially for cornerbacks. It seems as though Mathieu isn’t overconfident, but that he won’t hold his tongue when it comes to singing his own praises either. But saying that Calvin Johnson will fall to your greatness when you haven’t played a single snap yet?

Mathieu is seen by scouts as a possible third round pick as a kick return specialist and slot corner. Calvin Johnson played a lot in the slot last season, so this matchup MIGHT be possible.

Personally, do I think Mathieu would hold his own against Megatron?

Not a chance.

Mathieu is 5’10” . Johnson is 6’5″. Johnson also broke Jerry Rice’s single season receiving record this last season. To say that he could compete is plausible, but not likely.

With the combine coming to a close, the name Honey Badger is one of the more controversial and well known and will be a topic of big discussion come April’s draft.

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