Houston Texans Dobbins Fined $30K for Hit on Chicago Bears Cutler

  • Shane Richardson

Per a tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins will be fined $30,000 for his hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.


Dobbins completely leveled Cutler as he (Cutler) was crossing the line of scrimmage. Cutler released the pass and was hit hard by Dobbins.  Two flags were thrown on the play, one for the Dobbins’ hit and one for illegal forward pass by Cutler. The video of the hit is can be seen here:


Now, lost in the release in the fine is that Dobbins makes $43,750 before taxes and before any other payouts he has to make (like to his agent if he has one). I am absolutely floored that the NFL Player’s Association has not stepped in to implement a “fine cap” that prevents players from being fined an excessive percentage of their weekly salary. Let’s assume, conservatively, Dobbins pays 25% in taxes. His weekly paycheck after that is $32,812.50. Not sure what other fees he has but after the $30,ooo fine, he has $2,812.50 left. I do not know what his living style is or how “extravagantly” he lives. That is not the point. The point is this: The purpose of an NFL fine should be to deter the behavior that caused the fine. Fining a player like Dobbins who barely makes over $30,000 a week is not the same as fining say Dwight Freeney, who makes $875,000 a week. The NFLPA needs to address this sooner than later to stick up for the players it represents who don’t have the multi-million dollar contracts.


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