In The Backfield: Top 5 Fantasy Running Backs Of Week 17

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Time flies, and so has the 2012 NFL regular season.  Only one final week stands in the way of a complete season, and then it’s on to the playoffs.  For many, the fantasy football season is over, and for even more of you, has been over for a while now.  There’s several teams who’s season is over already and are now playing for their jobs next year.  So while you may not be making noise in your fantasy playoffs due to elimination, perhaps this top 5 list can give you an idea of which running backs will end hot and hopefully start hot next season.  For the final time this year, here are your top 5 fantasy backs of week 17.


5.  Doug Martin

Ezra Shaw

Ezra Shaw

Doug Martin needs 188 yards to reach the 1500-yard mark for the season.  Atlanta doesn’t have the best run defense, and could actually be disinterested in this game.  The Falcons aren’t playing for much, and could be inviting for Martin to break open a few big runs early.  Martin has been a very dynamic rookie running back, and I believe he’ll finish his season on a high note.  He hasn’t had a rushing touchdown for a few games now, and I think he’s due for some pay dirt.

4.  Adrian Peterson


Well well well…Adrian Peterson is human after all.  The Texans were able to put an end to Peterson’s supernatural century mark streak.  He looked a bit more average last week, but rest assured AP won’t go out of this regular season looking average.  He’ll be going up against their biggest division rival, the Packers.  Last time Peterson faced the pack, he looked like anything but average, putting up over 200 rushing yards and a touchdown.  He’s always performed very well against Green Bay, and I expect another big game.

3.  Shonne Greene


Greene, making his first appearance on my top 5, is set up nicely to have an amazing game at Buffalo against a terrible run defense.  The Bills have allowed 378 yards and 4 touchdowns in just the last 2 games.  While the 2012 Jets from training camp to current have been a joke, Greene is only 11 yards away from hitting 1000 yards rushing for the year.  The offense should flow through Greene, and will provide him with a great season finale.

2.  Arian Foster

Bob Leavy/Getty Images

Bob Leavy/Getty Images

Last week, some scary news sidelined Foster with an irregular heartbeat, completely ruining my fantasy predictions.  I however have come across some good news that has ensure Foster’s place on this weeks top 5 list.  Houston’s backfield threat was quoted that he went and saw the Wizard of Oz and asked him for a new heart.  It seems the transaction went through nicely has Foster is set to take on the surprising Colts.  While I don’t know if Houston will get this win with Chuck Pagano coming back from his fight with cancer, I’m sure Foster will shine.  The Colts don’t look much different now compared to two weeks ago where Foster put up 165 yards on them.  I feel Indy will pull off the upset, but I’m sure Foster will get his.

1.  C.J. Spiller

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Spiller has put up over a hundred rushing yards the last two weeks against the 11th ranked run defense Seahawks and the 10th ranked Dolphins.  Spiller now faces a terrible run defense that was generous enough to give him a season high 169 rushing yards.  There’s no excuse for the Bills not to give Spiller 25 touches this week.  This game will be won and lost on the ground.  Like Greene, Spiller will also finish his season strong.

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