Jamaal Charles Not Mad at Derrick Johnson for Pro Bowl Hit

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The changes that went into effect for the 2014 Pro Bowl definitely took the game off of death row.  We saw that it was much more competitive, as well as putting together match-ups that were otherwise not possible in previous Pro Bowl formats.

Not only did the quarterbacks take some punishment from pass rushers, but running backs did as well.  Take Jamaal Charles as an example.  Not only did he get clocked pretty good, but he received such a blow from his own teammate, Derrick Johnson.

“I didn’t expect it, but he’s out there doing his thing,” Charles said, via the Associated Press.  “I can’t get mad at him — it’s just about football, and you’ve just got to be ready.”


Injury is always the main concern in the Pro Bowl.  There’s no titles on the line in these games.  The only thing at stake was a pay difference, depending on a win or a loss, and a new truck to the game MVP.  Even Team Rice’s head coach Ron Rivera was hesitant in sending his defense crashing against his own franchise quarterback, Cam Newton.

Another factor that seemed to play a role in the Pro Bowl’s success was egos.  There was a sense of pride on the line, and a big part of that was probably the fact that Hall of Fame captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders were pushing the guys.  I think it’s safe to say that the NFL has finally found a way to bring excitement to the Pro Bowl.

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