Jared Allen: ‘Unfortunately’ I’ll be ready for Vikings’ Camp

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Some NFL Players enjoy their offseason and aren’t too thrilled to go back to work when the time comes. It’s no different for Vikings stud pass-rusher Jared Allen, who is coming off an offseason shoulder surgery.

Credit: Blogs.seahawks.com)

Credit: Blogs.seahawks.com)

When asked on NFL AM this morning if he’d be ready to go when the Vikings opened up their annual training camp, his answer was from the heart,  “Unfortunately, yes.”

Don’t worry though, Vikings fans. He’s not saying he doesn’t like the team or that he doesn’t want to play – it’s just the veteran mindset going into every season – a record on repeat that never ends. It’s nice for some of the older guys to get a break in training camp, and Allen is no different.

“I was hoping to get a couple weeks of training camp off, but the training staff is pretty good here so I’m ready to rock and roll,” Allen said.

A good sign for the Vikings that he’s fresh and ready to go – a bad sign for opposing quarterbacks that he’s fresh and ready to go. Last season he racked up 12 sacks with a bad shoulder. The season before he was a few inches away from setting the single season sack record.

Maybe training camp isn’t such a bad thing!

It’s not bad that he has to go back to work after a few months off, at least he doesn’t have to go back to work every. freaking. Monday.

I’m going to get more coffee.


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