Jason Garrett and Tony Romo Disagree about Hall of Fame Game

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After Jason Garrett said Tony Romo will be seeing limited to no game time at the Hall of Fame game, Romo said he wants to play

After Jason Garrett said Tony Romo will be seeing limited to no game time at the Hall of Fame game, Romo said he wants to play (Credit: AP Photo)

The Cowboys are making news once again this off-season, but this time it is for something less meaningful than usual. The Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio is the new subject for the seemingly media-hungry franchise. Head coach of the Cowboys Jason Garrett came out on the radio and told listeners that there’s a chance Tony Romo’s game time will be limited, if not nonexistent.

“It’s one of those deals where I suppose he could play five plays or whatever, but we might lean to no plays”

Now, this is a perfectly justifiable decision by a head coach…to not play his starting quarterback that recently signed a contract worth 108 million dollars which solidified him as the franchise quarterback for the next six years in a game that is meaningless for the 2013 season. There is absolutely no need to put Romo in harms way for an additional preseason game and risk losing him for the actual season where wins matter. The purpose of the preseason games, other than to allow owners to make even more money, is to see how the team performs together before the games that matter and whether your rookies are worth any playing time. If you already have the answer to those questions or you just want to wait for the other four preseason games to look into that, then there is no reason you shouldn’t. Really this would be no controversy at all…except that Tony Romo had to get involved and, even worse, disagree with Garrett.

Sources “close to Romo” leaked to ESPN that, of course, Romo wants to play in this insignificant game, even if it is only for a couple plays. And so this non-story now becomes news because the franchise quarterback is in disagreement with his head coach about playing in a game that is about as important as the Pro Bowl. Yes this game has history and is important for those that are being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but those players don’t care which quarterback plays or for how long, they want to see their busts and stand in front of a roaring crowd one more time. It seems to me that Romo is looking for another excuse to be in the lime light and creating controversy like this is not good for the organization and not becoming of a franchise quarterback.

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