Jason Peters on Dallas offensive line: “We’re just better”

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Jason Peters says that the Eagles offensive line is better than the Cowboys. (Alex Brandon/AP file photo)

Jason Peters says that the Eagles offensive line is better than the Cowboys. (Alex Brandon/AP file photo)

Jason Peters has never been shy about stating his opinion and he did so again yesterday according to PhiladelphiaEagles.com writer Chris McPherson. Peters is not expecting Demarco Murray to fall off at all from last year and stated the Eagles offensive line as being better than the Cowboys from 2014. Here is what he said to reporters on Thursday,

“It’s a big weight on our shoulders. He was the rushing champ last year. He almost broke the record. For him to come here and not duplicate that, that would discredit us a little bit with the Dallas offensive line. We’ve got to make sure he gets his yards. That’s a big challenge. The Dallas offensive line is good. We’re just better. We’re going to make sure he gets his yards.”

Jason Peters was rated as the number one offensive tackle in 2014 according to Pro Football Focus and head coach Chip Kelly believes 2015 will be no different. The rest of the offensive line will just need to step their game up to match Peters. One addition may come via subtraction with the recent release of guard Evan Mathis.

Murray led the NFL in rushing attempts with 392 last season but the Eagles are use to a run heavy game plan while LeSean McCoy had 312.

Peters went on to elaborate on how well their O-Line is starting to gel with these comments,

“You got to have some chemistry with the combination blocks, with the games, who you’re going to. Once you get to working with the guy, you get comfortable with him real quick. It only takes about a month and then you know what he’s going to do, what he’s saying, the lingo, the code words. It gets real easy after that, you know what he’s going to do.

You know his set lines. You know how he’s going to come off on certain blocks. You know how to get yourself in there with him and that’s what I’m doing with Al right now. For the most part, we’re clicking. If I had to say from one to 10 right now, we’re about a seven, seven and a half.”

At 33 years old, Jason Peters does not look to be slowing down after coming off his second straight Pro Bowl and seventh throughout his career. An interesting fact is that the Eagles are 49-30 (.620 win percentage) with Peters in the starting lineup, something to keep an eye on throughout 2015.

Sports-Kings Down and Distance Lead Columnist Kyle Pierce @kylepierce28

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