Jason Witten practices, despite concerns about spleen injury

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After not being cleared to play football by his doctors earlier this week, Cowboys Jason Witten is back on the practice field today (Credit: AP Photo)

Earlier this week, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that, after meeting with specialist, doctors haven’t cleared Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to play.  One source characterized Witten’s chances of playing as “not good.” Doctors told Witten that while he may want to “tough out” certain injuries, this particular one is not the same type of injury. Witten could do serious damage to his body if he plays before being cleared by doctors.

Apparently, Witten is not listening to the doctors advice as he took to the practice field today.

It remains unclear whether Witten will play in Wednesday night’s opener against the Giants, but the fact that he is practicing, even in a limited capacity, is an encouraging sign that he’s making progress.

Witten suffered the spleen injury in the Cowboys’ preseason game against the Raiders, and initially there were concerns that he could need surgery and that he might even miss the entire season. But all indications recently have been positive, and Witten getting back to work on the field is another positive step.


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