Jim Kelly: Chaos on the horizon for Jets with QB situation

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Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is not sold on the Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez duo of the New York Jets. In fact, Kelly see chaos on the horizon for the Jets.

“I gotta be honest: I don’t know what (the New York Jets) really were thinking,” Kelly told NFL Network’s “Total Access” on Thursday. “Mark Sanchez is a quarterback who’s going to be sitting there every single game if he plays bad, and No. 1, you know Jets fans — they’re going to start booing.”

“I think (there’s) a lot of pressure on Sanchez to not only start off hot — but continue game after game after game playing steady,” Kelly said. “If he doesn’t, you know you’re going to hear the boo birds. People want Tim Tebow in there. I like them both. I thought Sanchez was a very good quarterback coming on. If I was a general manager or president or owner of the team, I wouldn’t have done that (trade) unless I got rid of Sanchez. But I think he’s a good enough quarterback to be there.

“Tim Tebow’s a great athlete who’s going to be a big plus for somebody. But in New York? I’m not sure.”

Kelly, who still has ties with the Buffalo Bills, further admitted, “I hope there’s so much turmoil during (Jets) training camp.”

The New York Jets open week one at home against the Buffalo Bills. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with the quarterback situation if the Jets lose week one, especially if they get blown out.

In fact, the Jets start their season with a difficult five game stretch. During the first five weeks the Jets play vs Buffalo, at Pittsburgh, at Miami, vs San Francisco and vs Houston.

Personally, I think the Jets will start their season 1-4 with their only win coming at Miami and by the end of the five game stretch fans will be clamoring for Tim Tebow to start. I will have more on my AFC East outlook later in the summer.


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5 Responses to Jim Kelly: Chaos on the horizon for Jets with QB situation

  • Well look at the Jags now; they have Gabbert & Henne. Look at Green Bay & Seattle: Seattle brings in Aaron Rodgers’ back up, who happened to of broke his & Brett Favre’s home game record(s) passing & touchdowns, this Matt Flynn guy did – goes to show how what is waiting in the wings so to speak (I call talent collecting dust). Of course they want to play, & a player will always want to start. Maybe Doug Flutie is an example of the QB position too.
    & thanks for saying something that wasn’t derogatory about my name’s sake; usually, or every once in a while I get flack for it.
    Plus he’s only saying that, because he’s a Bill. A lot of AFC Teams this year will be on Spread Offense pages; crazy Megatron thing I predict!

  • Chris,
    I think Kelly is right here, but I agree he is just commenting because he is a part of the Bills organization, or at least is around the team often. I believe Kelly is looking to buy the Bills if/when something happens to Ralph Wilson.

    I would guess Kelly was only asked this question because of his role with the Bills.

  • C’mon Jim. get off the koolaid!!!

    Tim Tebow is actually the only backup QB in the NFL that makes Mark Sanchez look like a world class passer in the pocket.

    Jets erroneously rewarded Sanchez with a fat cat contract after an absolutely dismal 2011 campaign that irked fans and coaches and receivers alike. That was a huge mistake. To counter the mistake and help bring back the running identity, and to spark Sanchez into feeling that he won’t be coddled anymore, they brought in Tebow, a great locker room guy and a guy who the Jets can bring in for small spurts without officially benching Sanchez. This is an act of genius by the jets. Plus he is a potential fake on every single punt, which can throw off the opposition.

    A win win situation all around though I was skeptical at first myself!

    The jets just have to be careful to make sure that Sanchez always gets 70% or more of the snaps! If Sanchez goes down, Tebow will get his opportunity, that is the way it works in the NFL!

  • dear Sportsgeek,
    Contrary to your comment, we DID publish your opinion. We simply have to approve every comment as to avoid spam and no one had gotten to the approval process yet. Thanks for reading!

  • You did not publish my opinion, is it because you disagree with the contents? Guess Mark is not the only guy who needs a fire to make him more competitive. Sounds like Mark is not the only “coddled baby” around town!

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