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Jimmy Clausen Tweets About Bad Haircut

  • Jim Racalto

It’s safe to say Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen isn’t going to see the field anytime soon, given Cam Newton’s success last season. However, Clausen is still a human being, therefore deserves a good haircut because I’m sure he still kills it with the ladies, even if he doesn’t kill it with his career. SuperCuts recently threw a wrench into his haircut plans, and Jimbo sounded off about it on Twitter:

Not to be outdone, the SuperCuts Twitter got back to him with an apology. Obviously if Jimmy Clausen is upset with his haircut, business could fall off because of his comment. Way to take the high road, Cuts:


I have been to SuperCuts, and it’s not all that bad, reasonably priced and it was a pretty good cut. But I am Jim Racalto, not Jimmy Clausen, so I can see where a haircut is far more important to Clausen than myself. Maybe he should shave his head and start from scratch.

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