Joe Montana: Seahawks capable of being next great Dynasty

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49ers great Joe Montana says his former teams arch rival has a chance to become the next great dynasty (USA Today Sports)

49ers great Joe Montana says his former teams arch rival has a chance to become the next great dynasty (USA Today Sports)

After the Seattle Seahawks showcased a historic performance in the Super Bowl, defeating the Denver Broncos 43-8, it was clear to the world that they were the best team in the NFL and it wasn’t even close.

They dominated for much of their season in all aspects of the game. The Super Bowl was supposed to be their biggest challenge – and they flat out embarrassed one of the greatest quarterbacks the National Football League has ever known.

With upgrades throughout the offseason and another year more mature for their young team they’re considered strong favorites to reign dominance once again.

Nobody has mentioned the ‘D” word up to this point, because it’s one Super Bowl. If they continue their hot streak into the future the talks will get serious.

But, there’s one guy who knows a thing or two about dynasties – and he says the Seahawks are capable of being the next great one.

49ers legend Joe Montana, who helped the 49ers win four of their five Lombardi trophies during their dynasty era, told NFL Network’s Total Access that the Seahawks are capable of becoming the next great dynasty when asked about it.

“Well, I think they have the capability to. I mean, when you look at the way the team is put together, the’re young, they’re aggressive, their coach is very aggressive and upbeat,” Montana said.

He continued with the chemistry of the team and what makes them tick. “Any time you can make going to work fun – even though you’re playing, as I say ‘a stupid game’ for a living, it makes going to that facility every day really a joy. When you’re having fun at what you’re doing you’re always a lot better at it.” He said.

Fans can’t wait for the season to start so the team can attempt to defend their first ever championship and it all starts at CenturyLink Field on September 4th.

Pete Carroll has led the team to success since his re-entry to the NFL and if the Seahawks can build a dynasty moving forward it won’t be a half bad job for a guy that many have said is only meant for the collegiate game.

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