Joe Namath: Jets seem more interested in headlines than winning

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Are the Jets more interested in making headlines than winning games? (Credit: AP Photo)

Joe Namath, the Hall of Fame former Jets quarterback who has spent much of the past year questioning the current direction of the franchise, was at it again today in an interview with Adam Schein on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“I’m concerned with how the Jets are trying to build a team and win a championship,” Namath said. “They seem more interested in the headlines.”

Namath also said that if the Jets are going to pull Mark Sanchez to have Tim Tebow run the wildcat, that’s a strong indication that they don’t believe Sanchez has what it takes to run the offense effectively.

“The only reason to run the wild cat is if your offense isn’t working,” Namath said.

But despite Namath’s grave concerns about the Jets’ offense, he also said he thinks the Jets’ defense is good enough that they should win nine or 10 games this season. Which means that, for all his criticism, Namath is probably higher on the Jets than most NFL observers are. Which doesn’t speak well for the views of the Jets around the NFL.

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9 Responses to Joe Namath: Jets seem more interested in headlines than winning

  • Joe, just shut up, take a drink and dream about Suzy Kolber.

    You are no longer relevant!

  • JOE,

    I heard that you are now a “Born Again” Christian. Is that true?

  • Interesting.

  • Joe Willy Namath is a f***in expert you morons! This man is a legend in his own mind. He & Suzy actually had something going on, believe it or not! Joe is Jewish, so I don’t he’s “born again”. Buddy Ryan is the smartest coach in the NHL. They will win the Super Bowl, Timmy T leading the way. I got 5 g’s saying they do.

  • A. Who exactly is Buddy Ryan? Rex Ryan is the coach of the Jets.

    B. It’s the NFL, not NHL.

    C. I doubt you have 5,000 dollars on the team to win the Super Bowl when you cannot even name their coach.

    D. The Jets will have a top 5 pick in the 2013 NFL draft and Mark Sanchez will be replaced by Landry Jones.

  • Joe bWillie is as Jewish as mitt romney.

  • Je Willie is as Jewish as mitt romney

  • listen up guys I know how we all feel. Joe speaks from a jet heart as all of us do. Why don’t we all just see what happeneds this year, I beleave in the jets some how they will make playoffs

  • Hey! My homies down in Mexicio play REAL futbol (soccer). ! We could kick all those Jets’s axxes! ! Viva Sanchez ! Viva Mexexicio.
    Los Jets’s gringoes estupidos todos.

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