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Joe Namath: Sanchez gives Jets best chance to Win

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Joe Namath is getting himself in the news quite a bit lately regarding his former team. Yesterday he blasted them for lying to the fans about having a good football team. Less than 12 hours later he appeared on the NFL Network and had a few nicer things to say.

One, being that the Jets should move forward with Mark Sanchez, as he feels that the former USC star’s NFL experience will play a factor in helping the struggling Jets win.

“I personally think that Sanchez will give them the best chance because of the four years (of) experience that he’s had,” Namath said on Total Access. “This team the Jets had the last two seasons, there are other positions out there that didn’t have a passing grade as far as performance goes. So, if this team improves, I think Sanchez will probably win that starting position. But that remains to be seen. He’s gotta do it between now and September.”

Joe Namath is not shy when talking about the Jets (Photo: US PRESSWIRE)

Joe Namath is not shy when talking about the Jets (Photo: US PRESSWIRE)

We’ve seen Sanchez in the past do decent things, like beat Tom Brady in Foxboro on the way to a second-straight AFC Championship game. But we’ve also seen him do some completely moronic things, like give the NFL it’s first ever butt fumble.

Given the team around him, Sanchez has shown the ability to lead a team with a strong defense and a better-than-average running game.

With no defense and a horrible running game Sanchez quickly became the butt of the jokes, but it’s on tape that he can do it with the assistance around him. Namath seems to think the best thing for the Jets to do is move forward with Sanchez as their guy.

They just drafted Geno Smith, though. Several fans have voiced their desire on Smith starting. Throwing him into the fire might not be the best thing. He hasn’t even taken a snap and we already saw him fold under pressure in the NFL. He left the NFL Draft early because he didn’t get picked where he thought he would – and fired his agent thereafter, reports of him firing his agent due to not being the first overall pick circulated. That’s not a good sign.

What does Namath think of the young QB?

“Geno’s a terrific athlete, and the way the game’s going, you might want a guy that can run around a little bit more and throw,” Namath said. “He’s big, he’s got good size, he can throw everything. I watched him play at West Virginia, his coaches speak highly of him. I think, well I know, you gotta get the mental part of the game out here, too, be able to handle those defenses,” Namath said. “When Geno gets a grasp for that, his athletic ability combined with that mental part — he might very well earn that job.”

Namath continued with his damage control while speaking of head coach Rex Ryan, praising him as a winner and saying the team might have a chance to compete this season.

“Rex is a winning coach at this point,” Namath said. “Remember, he still has more wins than he does losses under his belt. He also is under contract for 2014. Who’s to say the Jets can’t make the playoffs this year? Sure, a lot of experts. But those players believe they can, or they better believe they can or else go somewhere else and play. They’re good athletes. They have to learn to keep from beating themselves, play as a team and play their best football. They might make the playoffs. What if they get an 8-8 record? Do you fire coach Rex Ryan then when you see improvement in the team?”

He’s speaking highly now, but give him a few minutes, he’ll have something negative to say.


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