“Joe Paterno Cloud” Spotted in Happy Valley… Do You See It?

Obviously, I’ll start this out by saying that I realize that anything written with the words “Penn State” or “Joe Paterno” is going to draw criticism due to the controversy regarding Jerry Sandusky. Work with me here, though. This one isn’t about the scandal. It’s more of an… interesting phenomenon.

Pennlive.com posted an article about a “Must-see” image that was tweeted by Jay Paterno, the late head coach’s son. Despite my initial disbelief I gave it a look. To say that it caught me off guard is a bit of an understatement.

paterno cloud


Do you see it?

Obviously as I said, any time Penn State is brought up that scandal will be brought up soon after. Joe Paterno’s legacy may be forever altered, but is it possible that he’s still at Happy Valley… somewhere?


Let us know what you think!





EDIT: Here’s a link to the actual tweet if you’re interested

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