John Madden doesn’t believe in the Madden Curse

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Calvin Johnson holds up the cover of Madden 2013. While John Madden does not believe in a curse, a lot of people do. (Credit: Ed Rieker/AP Images

John Madden visited the Detroit Lions training camp today and spoke on the potential of Calvin Johnson being injured this year because he is on the cover of Madden.

I was on the cover for several years, and I never once even pulled a hamstring,” Madden told the Detroit Free Press.

Despite Madden’s convictions on the topic, a lot of people still think a curse actually exists. Madden himself thinks that is silly.

“It’s a violent sport. Injuries are going to happen,” Madden said.

Madden added that if anyone could overcome being cursed, not that he believes in curses, it’s Megatron.

“If there was such a thing [as a curse], you couldn’t ask for a better man to prove that wrong than who we’ve got this year,” Madden said of Johnson. “He might be as close to indestructible as we’ve ever had on the cover. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. . . . I’m not going to talk about that any more.”

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