Johnny Manziel: I’m a rookie, I need to earn my place

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After not being named the starting quarterback, Johnny Manziel says he has to earn his starting sport (Credit: USATSI)

After not being named the starting quarterback, Johnny Manziel says he has to earn his starting sport (Credit: USATSI)

Normally, when you spend a first round pick on a Heisman trophy winner, you expect him to be your team’s starting quarterback. Instead, after drafting Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick, the Cleveland Browns seem to be happy to let Manziel be a backup for a year. And, instead of complaining about the possibility of sitting for a year, Manziel is embracing the backup role.

During an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Manziel says he need to earn his place as the starting quarterback.

“I’m a rookie,” Manziel said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I need to earn my place. I need to earn my keep. I don’t need to be treated based off what I did in the past because that doesn’t mean a thing at this level. I was completely OK with hearing that from everybody. I don’t want to come in and have anything handed to me that I don’t deserve.”

Manziel added that he is ready to show the teams that passed over him that they missed out.

“I got passed up 21 times, so that says something,” Manziel said. “Getting passed up 21 times is never fun and obviously some of those teams weren’t going to take quarterbacks and we knew that going into it, but still, it’s even humbling to be the second quarterback off the board, so for them to come in and say that, I don’t think I need to be humbled. I realize where I’m at in this organization and what I need to be doing, and that’s all I’m really focused on.”

After a few off-the-field incidents, I would guess the Browns are not naming Manziel the starting quarterback right away to make sure it doesn’t go to his head. By September, I fully expect Manziel to be the starting quarterback. After all, you don’t spend a first round pick on a quarterback to let him sit on the bench, especially when you are a team like the Cleveland Browns. The team needs to know whether or not Manziel is a franchise quarterback, not a backup.

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