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Jumbotron Gave Bucs Second Thoughts About Trick Play

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As we all saw Monday night, the Buccaneers finally got their first win on the season.  It’s quite possible that Tampa may not have come away with that win had they let their Jumbotron get the best of them.

Bucs’ tackle Donald Penn was honored upon starting 100 consecutive games during an injury timeout to RB Mike James, who suffered an ankle injury and was being evaluated by medical personnel.  The trick play in which Penn would become an eligible receiver and score the touchdown had already been called.  What caused the second guessing on the Tampa Bay sideline was the fact that the same trick play was being displayed in Penn’s honor on the Jumbotron.

“We’d already called the play when Mike goes down,”  Schiano said, via the Tampa Tribune.  “During that stoppage, I knew we were going to recognize Donald…I was great with that, but then (quarterbacks coach) John McNulty says, ‘They’re playing it on the board.'”

Schiano and the coaching staff weren’t sure if they should still run the play or if perhaps the Jumbotron, along with the announcement of Penn becoming an eligible receiver gave the play away.  After some debating, they went ahead and proceeded with the play call.

“The conversation on the headset, you wouldn’t believe it,” Schiano said.  “You can’t make this stuff up.  But cooler minds prevailed.  One of our coaches said we can’t let the Jumbotron make our decisions.”


Penn commented on the situation, stating that he would have been disappointed if they decided to scrap the play.

“I’ve been lobbying for the play all year and they finally put it in,” said Penn.  “I was a little nervous because they showed me on the big screen, but it was a great pass.”

It was a great pass indeed, which contributed to getting the Bucs their first win.  Maybe opposing teams should pay attention to what’s playing on the Jumbotron.

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