Kevin Huber pokes fun at himself on Twitter

  • Jim Racalto

Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber was absolutely destroyed (many think illegally) by Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Terence Garvin during Cincy’s 30-20 loss to Pittsburgh Sunday night.

The play happened during a punt return, when Huber made the mistake of casually entering the fray to disrupt Antonio Brown’s run back, which resulted in a touchdown. Garvin caught Huber completely off-guard with a vicious block, which unfortunately resulted in a broken jaw and a cracked vertebrate in his neck. One would think such a devastating injury would have a player down – but not Huber. He poked some fun at himself on Twitter, even making his new avatar a picture of the hit that injured him.

kevin-huber-avatar400Glad to see Huber is in good spirits. We wish him well in his road to recovery. As for Garvin, who is being paid the rookie minimum salary in 2013, a fine surely awaits.

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