Kevin Kolb reportedly has edge over John Skelton

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The Arizona Cardinals have yet to name a starter for week one of the regular season. Will Kevin Kolb get the nod to start the first game? (Credit: AP Photo)

For some reason, the Arizona Cardinals have yet to name a starting quarterback for week one of the regular season. While neither John Skelton or Kevin Kolb have looked impressive in any of their pre-season games, it is shocking that the team has yet to name a starter.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has evaluated Kevin Kolb and John Skelton for two seasons. They’ve had all of OTAs, minicamps, and four preseason games. Both quarterbacks are sitting out the preseason finale. It is odd to think that the next few practices could decide things.

Skelton seems to be the favorite. He’s been a little steadier during the preaseason. The problem, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, is that Skelton has often struggled during practice.

Overall, Kolb has reportedly outplayed Skelton in practice. Skelton has been better in the games. They don’t keep score in practice, so this shouldn’t be that difficult to decide.

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  • It doesn’t matter whom Whiz chooses. It matters that he chooses quickly. Neither QB has had enough 1st team snaps to be considered ready like other 1st string QBs. Also, neither has command of the huddle or is considered by the offense to be “in charge”. Although Ryan Lindley deserves play time, it is more important for the Cards to have timing and blocking schemes worked out by having Kolb/Skelton in “getting it right”. But for clarity, Kolb should start. If he loses the starting job outright, he is minimally marketable to other teams next year. If, however he starts, plays reasonable, gets hurt (inevitable with this porous O-line),and stays on the sideline for the rest of the season, the Cards can get two high draft picks for him as teams overpay (like the Cards and Raiders did lasst year. The 2013 draft class is GREAT for QBs. (see all the 2013 mock drafts). Lastly, all three QBs are likely to start before Thanksgiving b/c the most important position is not the QB but the collective O-line. Superbowls have been won without a decent QB (Baltimore and Tampa Bay), without a decent RB (Doug williams’ Skins over Bronco’s ?87), but none have ever been won without a good O-line.

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