Keyshawn: Jets should definitely trade Revis

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Key's got some advice for the Jets: trade Darrelle Revis. (Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Key’s got some advice for the Jets: trade Darrelle Revis. (Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The New York Jets are in an awfully sticky situation with star cornerback Darrelle Revis. When healthy, Revis is still the most dominant player at his position in the NFL, and he deserves to get compensated as such. But the Jets don’t seem to be willing or able to do that, and so talks have emerged that Revis could be traded to a contender such as the San Francisco 49ers. If a trade doesn’t materialize, Revis could walk into free agency, and the Jets really don’t want that to happen.

Jets owner Woody Johnson still hasn’t told Revis what the team’s intentions are regarding Revis’ future with the team. In the meantime, former Jets receiver and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson offered some insight on the issue. Newsday’s Bob Glauber reports that Keyshawn thinks the Jets should absolutely trade Revis.

“I think it’s a smart move if they do move him and get value,” the former Jets receiver said. “He’s not going to win any games for you. He’s a defensive back who will shut down the [opponents’] top receiver, but the ball is not in his hands. The Jets need more than a top corner. They need some pieces. If he gives them the value to get those pieces, then move him.”

“It’s not that the Jets don’t want him,” said Johnson, now an ESPN analyst. “It’s the right thing to do to build the team. He’s the top corner. He’s the guy. But [the Jets] need a quarterback, running back, wide receivers, other defensive backs. [A trade] gives them that opportunity to fill some of those holes. If they keep Revis, what else do they have? Not much. They’re in a division against the Patriots, and other teams in the AFC are improving.”


The Jets have a lot of holes that could be filled by dealing Revis for draft picks, and cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson would be a respectable duo to move forward with. Problem is, the Jets might not be able to get much considering Revis’ latest injury.’s Clark Judge reports general managers around the league “swore they wouldn’t start by offering anything higher than a second-rounder.”

Odds are the Jets want, at the very least, a first round pick for Revis. The San Francisco 49ers, armed with a potential 15 picks in this upcoming draft and a need for a shutdown corrnerback, make a logical trade partner as many have already reported. But the Jets have many holes on their offense and would likely seek multiple draft picks, maybe a package involving first- and third-rounders, in any deal involving Revis.

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