Kirk Cousins: Difference between 3-13 and 13-3 isn’t that much

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After playing in the team's final 3 games, Kirk Cousins says there wasn't much of a difference between the 2012 Redskins and the 2013 Redskins (Credit: ESPN)

After playing in the team’s final 3 games, Kirk Cousins says there wasn’t much of a difference between the 2012 Redskins and the 2013 Redskins (Credit: ESPN)

The Washington Redskins 2013 season did not go as planned. Robert Griffin III did come back week one, but looked like he was struggling with his injury the entire season and only played in 13 of the team’s 16 games. Back up quarterback Kirk Cousins started the team’s last three games as the Redskins finished the year 3-13. Despite finishing in fourth place in the NFC East, Cousins told SiriusXM’s NFL Radio there wasn’t much difference between the 13-3 2012 Redskins team and the 3-13 2013 team.

“It is kind of perplexing when you look at the start of the season, how high the expectations were coming off a great year in 2012, and it didn’t go the way we wanted it to,” Cousins said, via Dan Steinberg of theWashington Post. “But you know, it’s the NFL. When you look at week to week, the margin for error is so small. And you take one, two plays, that makes a difference in almost every game. So the difference between going 3-13 and 13-3, it isn’t that much. And we won a lot of close games down the stretch in 2012 to get into the playoffs, and we lost a lot of close games in 2013 that kept us away from getting into the playoffs. So I think it’s those inches that make the difference, and we’ve got to find ways to get those inches to fall our way in the next upcoming season.”

The Redskins did lose a number of close games in 2013, including a pair of back to back one-point losses in week 15 and 16. However, the biggest difference between 2012 and 2013 seems to be the play of Robert Griffin III. Of course, a few plays here and there could change the season for most NFL teams, but good teams find ways to win close games.

If the Redskins expect to compete in 2014, they will need Robert Griffin III to perform like he did in 2012, not 2013.

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