Leslie Frazier Won’t Give Up on Christian Ponder

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The quarterback position is one of the most scrutinized positions in all of the NFL. Whether your team wins or loses, the praises or blame usually falls on the shoulders of the man under center. For Christian Ponder the seat is getting hotter for him to start producing, however head coach Leslie Frazier does have his back.

Frazier says he isn’t going to make a change at quarterback after just one week into the season. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Frazier said it “wouldn’t be wise” to make a change after the first game of the season. He noted that it wasn’t just Ponder to blame after the Vikings 34-24 loss to the Lions, but admitted that other players were held accountable as well.

Ponder’s play at quarterback has been mediocre at best and has yet to show any signs of consistency. I understand Frazier not wanting to make any changes after just one game, but I can’t imagine if Ponder continues to play poorly that he some type of change does not occur. I have been one that has given Ponder the benefit of the doubt on more than one occasion but with him under center this team is a borderline playoff team at best.

I’m not saying backup Matt Cassel is the answer, but a breath of fresh air if things start heading for the worst will be gladly welcomed. Adrian Peterson may be the best running back in the league, but he can’t keep carrying this team on his back. It will be interesting to see if Christian Ponder can step up his game, or if Minnesota has a quarterback controversy on their hands later in the season.

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