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Looking at Lane Kiffin’s Alabama debut

  • Luke Willis
(Vasha Hunt/

(Vasha Hunt/

The hiring of Lane Kiffin as Alabama’s offensive coordinator might have been one of the biggest stories in college football leading up to this season. The hire came as a shock seeing that Nick Saban hasn’t made a habit of putting up with nonsense and Lane Kiffin’s career consists of just that.

So how did Kiffin’s glorious return to the sideline against West Virginia go? Well, I hope you weren’t expecting anything exciting like Nick Saban going nuclear on Kiffin. In fact, the game was more of the same you would come to expect from Alabama’s offense. Lots of rushing offense and just enough passing to get the job done, and when  I say just enough, I mean the absolute bare minimum required to win this particular game. QB Blake Sims had a decent outing, but zero touchdowns and one pick is not going to cut it for a national title contender. Alabama did go on to win the game 33 to 22. 

The competition will get harder but with a first time starter at quarterback and two stud running backs both going for over 100 yards, there’s nothing here that tells me that Lane Kiffin is not capable of continuing the tradition of success that Alabama offensive coordinators have produced in the past several years. With all that being said, history has shown us that successful offensive coordinators at Alabama are almost shoo-in for a head coaching job in their near future and that could be the pot of gold at the end of the Crimson Tide rainbow for Kiffin.


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