Marcus Vick put bounty on Cooper for racial slur

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Marcus Vick, younger brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, is at it again on Twitter.

Vick, the QB, has had to ask his bro to pipe down and shut it before, and it looks like he just might have to do it again.  Marcus follows his brother’s team very closely, and its for certain that Riley Cooper’s antics at a Kenny Chesney concert have not gone unnoticed by young Vick.


Marcus tweeted out a bounty for the first safety to ‘light his (Cooper) ass up.’  Apparently he doesn’t take kindly to Cooper’s use of the n-word either.  Other tweets concerning the issue include one from Skip Bayless.

“If I ran the Eagles, I would have cut Riley Cooper this afternoon,” Tweeted Bayless.

Apologies have been issued by both Cooper and the Eagles organization, but the two will continue for the rest of today and late into the week to take on the repercussions of the wide receiver’s mannerisms.

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