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Michael Vick Concedes Starting Position to Geno Smith

  • Kyle Pierce
Michael Vick said on Saturday that Geno Smith will be the starting quartback for the NY Jets (Michael Perez/AP)

Michael Vick said on Saturday that Geno Smith will be the starting quartback for the NY Jets (Michael Perez/AP)

In the last five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback (QB) Michael Vick had never publicly stated that anyone else would be given the starting spot.  He was adamant that there would be a competition between him and Nick Foles last year.  While Vick ended up starting the season, an injury sidelined him and then Foles stole the show by passing for seven touchdowns in one game.

Now, according to writer Dom Cosentino, Michael Vick stated yesterday that he will be doing everything he can to help Geno Smith succeed and that includes giving him the starting job has the QB of the NY Jets.  Vick will be thirty-four years old in June and had stated in January that he wanted out of Philadelphia for a chance to start.  Now he is singing a different tune.

He had this to say on Saturday afternoon during a family fitness event.

Geno’s the starting quarterback for that football team, ultimately our goal is to try to help Geno become the best quarterback that he can be. Myself and [third-stringer Matt Simms] are all trying to put him in a position where he can get better from year one to year two.

Then, when asked if he was going to fight for the starting job, he responded.

I’m fighting to get better as a quarterback every day.  In the NFL, you want longevity, and the only way to have longevity is to be as consistent and as good as you can be for a long period of time.

It will be interesting to see how this quarterback situation plays out during offseason training activities (OTA’s) and training camp.  Geno Smith had an abysmal QB rating during his rookie season, posting a 35.9 but he finished with above an 83 each of his last four games, all of which were won by the Jets.  If he can continue growing then there will be little chance of Vick winning the starting job this summer.


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