Michael Vick dedicates season to Garrett Reid

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Today, Michael Vick told the media that he is dedicating the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles’ season to the late Garrett Reid (Credit: AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

While speaking with the media, Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid said that he hoped his son, Garrett’s death would be a rallying point for those struggling with substance abuse. The team’s starting quarterback saw things a little differently. Michael Vick spoke warmly about his coach after practice and dedicated the rest of the season to the memory of his late son Garrett.

“Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett,” Michael Vick said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “And I’m personally dedicating my season to coach and to my teammates. This season will be dedicated to Garrett starting tomorrow.”

Vick admitted to being surprised that Reid was back at practice on Wednesday, although he added the “fire” was in Reid’s eyes when he was on the field.

It’s been clear in the last few days that Reid and his family mean a lot to Eagles players. Vick said that when he spoke to Reid on Wednesday, he told the coach he loved him several times, and his words are a strong reflection of that. We’d be surprised if he’s the last Eagle to share similar sentiments.

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17 Responses to Michael Vick dedicates season to Garrett Reid

  • My commiseration completely, I am really very saddened, & can empathize completely: To Andy Reid & his family; way to young. No parent should have to lose their (his or her) own child before they do. I just wanted to leave a message here for him & his family.
    C. C. L III

    • I hope those who can’t move on from the past recognizing everyone is human subject to bad judgment or mistakes, including those with an addiction or who’ve been convicted of a crime, pauses to think about some of their comments. Fact is Vick and Garrett Reid were close in relationship, mentor and mentee. Admirable in my never to be humble opinion. Prayers and condolences to the Reid family!

    • I second that Chris,


  • It’s a sad unfortunate situation for the Reid family and my condolences go out to their family. However, why would anyone want to dedicate a season to a known drug addict/drug dealer? Instead of dedicating a season to a drug addict/drug dealer, having a moment of silence at a baseball game for a drug addict/drug dealer, let’s honor our troops who protect our country. The WHOLE NFL community is wrong on this one. In this unfortunate situation, you pay your respects to the family and you move on. Honor and dedication is for someone who deserves it, not for some little rich kid who wasted their life away.

  • I’ve watch drugs destroy many people!
    Even though drugs and the use of it are
    totally ignored.
    Drugs stops you from doing anything
    worth while in your life.
    When it feels good to wake and go to sleep
    at night that’s your high.
    Your are blessed!

  • Vick is a bottom feeding subhuman. I hope he takes a good one to the head and sits there drooling in Depends for the rest of his life.

  • Many parents are struggling with the decisions made by their adult children. Andy Reid and his family are helping to bring this problem into the spotlight. Garrett Reid made bad choices, but at the same time he was trying to turn his life around. Many drug adicts struggle and slip few beat the drugs for the remainder of their lifetimes. JR you don’t seem to understand that although we all honor the first responders, and our military we have holes in our heart left behind by the people that personally touch us but leave too soon.

  • kazz has mental problems pray for the idiot

  • The loss of a child,no matter what age or the circumstance is a parents worst fear come true. But I found it unsettling that it was from one of the “forgiven” convicted felons of the NFL, Michael Vick. Any football player that gets in trouble should be out, for good. I really disrespect the lack of discipline the NFL has allowed. When I see Vicks name I get mad, because his actions were ruthless and heartless, animal cruelty is not something anyone normal would allow or tolerate, let alone participate in, so no need anyone telling us what a great guy he is.

  • i find it hilarious that people are still this worked up over what vick did. They were/are freaking dogs. Domesticated wolves. It shows how sad of a country we live in that people put dogs rights above those of so many others. I wold bet too many americans would place a stupid dogs rights above those of gay people, black people, muslims or any other minority group. Its sad that dogs are placed so high.

    • Anyone who could do what this scum did ho an animal is a sociopath. and yes, i elevate my dogs way above the likes of most people, certainly above idiots like you.

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