Michael Wilbon: Colts are considering RGIII over Andrew Luck.

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ESPN’s Michael Wilbon dropped a little bomb this morning on Tony Kornheiser’s radio show. The news? According to his inside sources, Wilbon said the Indianapolis Colts are still in serious consideration to take Baylor’s QB Robert Griffin III over the consensus number one, Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

This does not surprise me, as this has been a hotly debated topic the last few weeks, especially after Griffin’s impressive pro day workout. Luck is considered a once in a lifetime prospect, and much more NFL ready than Griffin, but with Griffin’s out of this world athleticism, the Colts are taking a second look before finalizing a decision.

Per a report from the Washington Post, Wilbon said on Kornheiser’s radio show Monday morning:

“By the way, I will tell you this. It’s not like I’m following this closely, but I had the occasion over the weekend to talk to a couple of people who have intimate knowledge of what the Colts are thinking. And you and I have talked very briefly on the show about are they still considering RGIII? Tony, I’m told they are…They have stats, they have analysis, they have information that says to them it’s Luck who is faster to leave the pocket and not be as good in the pocket. And RGIII is better in the pocket, he’s a better pocket passer, better arm. And that they are seriously still considering RGIII.

Talk about mixing things up, whoever ends up being a bust, if one does, will go down in infamy as what might have been. It’s absolutely crucial for the Colts to make the right pick, although it’s entirely possible both guys have great NFL careers with the talent they possess.

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8 Responses to Michael Wilbon: Colts are considering RGIII over Andrew Luck.

  • I have said since the whole thing started, that with the lowered rookie pay scale, the Colts should have paid Manning kept him for two years, and drafted RG3 to learn behind him, the dude is smart, if he learned behind one of the all time greats before starting he could be the greatest QB ever…… now that they got rid of Manning I dont think there is a realistic shot of drafting RG, so he will have to be an Washinton Ethnic Slur….. on the bright side, it is just a hop skip and a jump away from starting his political career….. What kind of socks are you wearing now President RG3?

  • The best quarterback at this time is the guy from Baylor, better athleticly, quicker read, stronger arm and more importantly if both were hit hard, luck seems like the one to get hurt faster cause he doesn’t seem to work out as much as RG3.RG3 seems to be able to take a hit, maybe avoid the hit and scramble for yards. Quiet frankly, RG3 might just be better equip to handle NFL quarterbacking better than luck. If I had the No.#1, pick
    I’d have to take RG3 over Luck, cause he’s the best quarterback at the moment in the draft. This shouldn’t be about anything else but who is the best quarterback to take with the No.# 1 pick, who gives you the best chance to win, period.

  • Griffin is definitely my choice bar none.

  • One can say what they want too but RG111 is the best QB in this year’s draft. If I were the person in charge of who should be picked first, it’ll be RG111. Reasons, he is more durable than Luck. He has the escape factor because if the pocket breaks down, he can run and possibly score or pick up the first down to extend the play on offense. He is a smart player. If he was not all of those above things, do you really think he would have won the Player of the Year? Luck is a great player but not as promising as RG111.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. RGIII was sacked more than Luck and is clearly less durable … He’s already has knee surgery. While it may seem logical that a faster guy will be able to get out of the way, it hasn’t proven to be the case for RGIII or other similar QBs in the NFL … Actually the opposite is true. RGIII is smaller, LESS durable and much more likely to be injured than Luck. In terms of smarts, RGIII seems smart, but not on the level of Luck … There is no basis for you saying RGIII is smarter than Luck, if that is what you meant. They split various player of the year awards, RGIII did not win them all … If you mean the Heisman, yes RGIII won it … It is for the best college player of the year, not for pro potential and the majority of the voters who voted for RGIII for the Heisman went on record at the time saying Luck has the greater pro potential.

  • If they take Griffin then maybe Drew Statton might be playing QB this year.

  • I’ve been a big fan of RG

    I’ve been a big fan of RG111 from the very beginning. With his work ethic and the way he plays on the field I see a win win for the Colts. I will always be a Colts fan as well as a Manning fan but I for one hope they take RG111. He’s the whole package.

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