Mike Glennon gets NFL advice from Russell Wilson

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Can Mike Glennon replicate Russell Wilson's rookie success? (AP Photo)

Can Mike Glennon replicate Russell Wilson’s rookie success? (AP Photo)

At North Carolina State, Russell Wilson had a phenomenal career before transferring to Wisconsin for his final season. Wilson’s successor, Mike Glennon, picked up the torch and showed that he was an NFL-caliber quarterback in his own right.

Now following the 2013 NFL draft, the two quarterbacks share even more in comparison: a year after Wilson was drafted in the third round by Seattle, Glennon was drafted in the third round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both quarterbacks entered unsettled situations at the position. Wilson bypassed flashy acquisition Matt Flynn and incumbent Tarvaris Jackson to lead the Seahawks to a 10-6 record while tying the rookie record for touchdown passes with 26.

Glennon has a similar opportunity, where Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano will give Glennon the right to fight with incumbent Josh Freeman for the starting job in Tampa. Freeman was drafted by former Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris, and had to prove himself to a new coaching staff. The Buccaneers had a shot at the playoffs, sitting at 6-4 with six games to go, but Freeman tossed 6 touchdowns to 10 interceptions in those last six games and Tampa Bay finished the season 7-9.

In comes Glennon, who has a chance to prove himself and surpass Freeman as the Buccaneers’ franchise quarterback. Glennon told Around the League’s Marc Sessler that he reached out to Wilson for some advice on how to have a strong start in the NFL.

“I just wanted to pick (Wilson’s) mind before I got (to Tampa) and hear how he handled things,” Glennon said of a recent conversation with the Seattle Seahawks starter. “He’s a man on a mission, and you can hear it in the way he talks. He just kind of told me to take it one day at a time and try to get better each and every day. Don’t worry about the long run. If you just get better each and every day, eventually good things will happen. I think that was great advice.”

Glennon and Freeman have a lot of similarities in their games. Both are big quarterbacks, standing 6’6″ and over 230 pounds apiece. Both have tremendous arm strength, and both have had their fair share of accuracy issues. Freeman is much more mobile though, which in today’s game is a huge factor at the quarterback position.

But if Glennon could have anyone as a mentor in the NFL, Russell Wilson would sure be one of the better options. His resiliency and leadership really stood out as he rose to become a factor on the Seahawks last season. Maybe some of that rubs off on Glennon, who hits the field this season and proves that he had the talent to be a first-round-level quarterback in this year’s draft.

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