Mike Shanahan hates your fantasy football team, week 1 starter “a secret”

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Will Roy Helu be the “secret” starting running back for the Redskins when they open their season next Sunday? (Credit: AP Photo)

Mike Shanahan led teams have always been known for productive running backs, often securing 1,000 yard backs. During his tenure in Denver, Shanahan’s team produced 1,000 yard rushers out of the likes of Olandis Gary, Reuben Droughns, Clinton Portis and Tatum Bell. In case you were wondering (and we know you were), Gary and Bell were a one year starters before petering out of the league.

If Shanahan can turn those guys into 1,000 yard rushers, he should be able to do the same for the Redskins with Roy Helu or Evan Royster. But, don’t expect Shanahan to tell you which guy will be the team’s week one starter.

While Shanahan knows who will be the starter week one, he is keeping it to himself. According to ProFootballTalk.com, Shanahan considers the question of which player will be the primary ball carrier when the Redskins open the season against the Saints to be a secret.

I find it funny that Shanahan calls the starter a “secret”. Sounds like he is a school girl, with a secret crush. If you were expecting to start a Redskins running back for week one (and I pray you are not), you will be guessing along with everyone else until the start of the game.

Here is to hoping Shanahan eventually spills the beans on his “secret”.

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