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Mike Tomlin gives Pittsburgh crossing guard a memorable retirement gift

  • Jim Racalto

The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for having one of the strongest and largest fan bases in the entire country. Some people are unaware that this is because in the early 1980’s, the steel industry in the city collapsed, and many residents moved out of the area looking for other economic opportunities.  Hence the volume of Steeler fans in almost every area of the United States. Unfortunately for the haters, this means there aren’t a lot of bandwagon Steeler fans, although they like to think that’s the truth.

So what am I getting at with this random factoid? Well, if the fan base is that strong outside of Pittsburgh, I can only imagine what it’s like in Pittsburgh. We’ve all heard that Pittsburgh is a tight-knit community, and that Steelers coaches and players are close with the residents of the city. Head coach Mike Tomlin exemplified this beautifully when he recently gave a local crossing guard a memorable retirement gift. 



Pittsburgh resident Carol Carey is retiring from her crossing guard position after 20 years of service. Tomlin said that around five years ago, he began taking a new route to work because of construction. During that time, he and Carey began a little routine of waving to one another every day, but they had never spoken extensively. Last week, Carey flagged Tomlin down to inform him that she would be retiring at the end of this month. So Tomlin sent her off with a customized, autographed Steelers themed stop sign and a customized jersey.

Coming off a big 37-27 win over the Detroit Lions Sunday, Tomlin and the Steelers will look to win their third straight and jump right back into the AFC playoff race as they travel to Cleveland to take on the feisty Browns. As for Carey, we wish her well in her retirement and props to Coach Tomlin for the gesture.

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