Minnesota Gopher Punter Twitter Trolls Adrian Peterson

  • Shane Richardson

Earlier last year, it was officially confirmed that the Minnesota Vikings would play two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium (stadium of the Minnesota Gophers football team) while their new facility would be constructed. Earlier today, a punter picked on the wrong guy to troll. Minnesota Gophers punter Peter Mortell tweeted a warning to Adrian Peterson. Yes, Adrian Peterson, the man no NFL defensive player would want to tackle or troll. Mortell tweeted:

Punter Troll
After Peterson tweeted out a Viking Age piece that linked his tweet, Mortell’s next tweet was to beg for some backup from the Green Bay Packers:

Punter Troll 2
It will be very interesting to see how Adrian Peterson responds to this in the locker room. Hopefully Mortell makes an excuse to All Day (Adrian Peterson’s nickname) as soon as possible, because All Day is probably on his way to truck Mortell like he’s done to many NFL players such as William Gay, Al Harris, and many more. It’s also nice to see Gophers and Vikings football players having some fun as both teams will be sharing the same stadium, lockers, and much more. It worked a couple years ago when the Golden Gophers shared the Metrodome with the Vikings.

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  • payton is off the hook. SUPER BOWL? great quaterback.

  • payton, great quaterback, SUPERBOWL? YEA!

  • Brick-hand Sanders from the Steelers? Is Manning a receivers coach now? Manning was on his game. Weren’t the Chargers without their starting corners? Still played great. Broncos defense stuffing the Chargers running game was impressive. That 30 yarder floated in there nice. Is it me or does Peyton’s passes look like a 30 yard bomb? That crap won’t work in the playoffs when Ravens defenders are used to practicing against Flacco who throws 70-yarders.

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